In today’s ever-changing environment, network marketing offers you an opportunity to make money and develop yourself exponentially.

Let’s discuss 7 reasons why network marketing is significant in today’s world.

1. An Opportunity To Earn Extra Cash: Every human being has a desire to make extra cash and achieve financial freedom. Network marketing or multi level marketing offers you an opportunity to generate income despite your current financial standing. With network marketing, you do not need to quit your day job as you can do network marketing as a side hustle.

2. Residual Income: Residual income is an earning that you continue to receive based on your earlier efforts. Residual income is based on sales of products and services. This means that, if your network continues to generate repeat sales, then you will get paid for that one sale long into the future. Network marketing is important because it enables you to earn more and work less by building your passive income sources.

3. Work From Anywhere: One of Nigeria’s biggest dreams has been the possibility to be able to work on their laptop from anywhere around the world. To me this is priceless. As long as you can get an internet connection you can run your business. If anything changes in your life you just move to another state, city, etc because your business is portable.

4. Your Own Schedule: This is a big one for me. If I have an appointment I do not have to ask for time off work from a regular job. Because you can set your own schedule, it is also very easy to not work your business in network marketing so you must become disciplined if you want to grow the business. You only get out of it what you are willing to put into it. In a traditional business the same holds true as well, however, you have a far greater investment at risk.

5. Low Cost of Entry: With network marketing companies you can start with just a computer or your phone and a small investment. Some have even started with no money to invest. Only time and hard work. If you were considering starting a traditional business, generally speaking, you are looking at N500,000 minimum investment, just to open the doors not including rent and equipment. But with network marketing you can start with far less. Starting with Proda Business is just N55,000. And it’s all going to be for products you purchase.

6. Training Already In Place And Readily Available: Because Network Marketing is a system which has many independent distributors, the companies typically have training available at your fingertips. Why not learn from those that have already proven their success.

7. Personal Growth: This is big in my personal opinion and synonymous with network marketing. The personal growth you must experience along with the growth of your business is essential. You must grow, especially if you want a large income. You must grow to become the person that helps others, encourages others, and helps others to also get what they want out of life. If you don’t grow then you will become stagnant.

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