Why Choose PRODA?

Proda was founded in 2020 and was designed to help anyone who wanted a better future, to attain it. It is now a Multi-level marketing company with several Proda Business Owners worldwide.

It’s easy to start a Proda business. Unlike many other network marketing companies, there’s no annual fee, and no small print.

Once signed up you will get:

• A personal coach and mentor

• An extensive range of support materials

• Specialist trainings

• A free license to trade internationally

Below are more reasons why becoming a Proda Business Owner is an opportunity worth investing in.

A highly credible direct selling company, growing from strength to strength.

Proda is profitable, debt-free company and consistently growing.

A global company, a global business opportunity.

With offices in several countries, Proda has an international infrastructure that makes it possible for people to build a business on a global scale. For an entrepreneur with real ambition, it is possible to build a successful Proda business all over the world.

Build a residual income with PRODA

One of the greatest benefits of Proda’s network marketing structure is that it offers a stable and lasting income. You can earn commissions on the PRODA Business Owners, you and your team introduce to the business and continually reap the benefits of your hard work.

The PRODA Compensation Plan is second to none

Offering uncapped earning potential, incentives – including cash bonuses and global travel – and long-term financial gains; its simplicity and sophistication allows you to take control. It’s simple; work the marketing plan, see the results.

Premium products in growing industries.

Proda manufactures and sells premium wristwatches, smart accessories and household products, based on the purest quality aloe vera. The diverse product range of superior quality aloe vera products all come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Proda’s diverse range of products means there really are products for all types of customers.

If you want to be a Proda Business Owner then please do ​contact us​ ​to become one of our ​Business Owners. Or head to Faces of Proda where you can read stories of how people became PBOs and why they decided to embark on the Proda journey.