Incentives and rewards

At Proda, we’re proud of our ethos, our products and you, our people.  We’ve developed what we believe to be the best Compensation Plan within the direct selling industry; one which rewards you for your hard work and commitment in building and running your own Proda business.

We believe in recognising commitment, leadership, hard work and success and that’s why we offer such an exciting portfolio of incentives.

Success breeds success. Becoming a PRODA Business Owner, not only can you make the most of the exceptional earning potential and excellent job security which results from following our Compensation Plan, but you can also target some fantastic rewards and bonuses.

Cash bonuses, foreign travel, adventure and networking opportunities – it’s all there for the taking.

Luxury international travel

PRODA offers the opportunity to qualify for all-expenses paid trips abroad, with spending money included. One of these trips is PRODA Rally – the most momentous and exciting event ever in the history of the Proda incentives scheme. With thousands of Proda Business Owners (PBOs) gathering together from across the world, PRODA Rally celebrates and recognises the achievements of the Proda global community.